The We Move Trucks business has been moving trucks around Australia for over four years. In that time we have built a reputation of fairness, efficiency and just good old fashioned service.

We have moved literally thousands of trucks for our customers, and have never fallen victim to a major accident that prevented the delivery of the truck.

This alone makes our record in the industry second to none.

While we move all types of trucks, we do a great deal of work for the companies who provide electricity to the community. This means that our drivers have particular expertise in moving the specialized vehicles used in this industry – EWPs, Borers, cable drum equipment etc.

Our drivers are trained to identify and address issues in these types of vehicles before embarking on a trip. This training helps ensure that your truck, and the plant and equipment it carries will arrive safely where required.

In addition, We Move Trucks only employ experienced drivers. We will not employ a driver who has just completed their truck license course – in our view, a license does not make a truck driver. Rather we look for a long driving record, clean licenses and a history of honesty.

Then, the training starts.

All We Move Trucks drivers are trained in our expectations. This includes safe driving; care of customer vehicles; OHS; and Basic Courtesy.

In addition, where necessary, our drivers can be briefed on site specific matters relating to your site.

Our own registered trainer will ensure that your OHS requirements are maintained by our drivers.

We believe that our drivers are some of the best in the country. Most of our drivers work with us every week – we refuse to operate from a long list of casual drivers who may only do a drive once in a blue moon. We know the individual skills and experience of each and every one of our drivers, and where necessary, will match a driver to your job. Not all trucks are the same, and some drivers have more experience than others in certain vehicles.

To find out more about how we can assist your business, give us a call on

0418 859 290 or email Orders@wemovetrucks.com.au.