At We Move Trucks, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of the transport and services industries. We understand that as well as you might plan for something, things still go wrong.

Our range of services has been developed over a period of twelve years to offer to our clients the best possible assistance with their operational requirements.

More importantly, if you cannot see the precise service you are seeking on this list, call us, and we will tailor make a package to suit your needs.





Basic Truck Movement

Need a truck moved from A to B? This is our basic service – putting an experienced driver in your truck and delivering it to its destination.

Platinum Truck Movement

This package is popular with fleet managers whose trucks are driven largely by a single driver. For a small premium, our drivers perform a basic testing and assessment regime, assisting you to uncover potential problems with the truck. This occurs during a scheduled movement of the truck.

Truck assessment
(ergonomics and basic safety)

Similar to the Platinum Truck Movement, this package occurs outside of a scheduled movement, but offers the same level of assessment. In this, the driver takes the truck for a drive to test and assess the truck, returning it to base when completed.

Truck Assessment - Platinum

This takes the truck assessment to a whole new level. We take the truck to our specialist mechanics to perform a complete assessment on the vehicle.

Logistic Assist


When you need a quick shuffle of your assets to meet demands within the business, call us. Our team will move all of the vehicular assets, locating them where required without blowing the overtime budget.

New Truck Inspect and Collect

Bought a new truck? Not only can we deliver the truck for you, but our unique inspection service can help you ensure you get what you have paid for. Send us a copy of your order for your new or used truck, and we will check to make sure it is complete before moving the vehicle.

Pre-purchase Inspection – Basic


If you are thinking about buying a truck, get We Move Trucks to go and have a look at it. We often get told that buyers just wish that somebody who knew trucks could have a look. Now they can. Our experienced drivers will check the vehicle over, and provide an assessment of the vehicle – please note, this is a driver’s assessment taken from a very practical point of view.

Pre-purchase Inspection – Platinum

If you want a more rigorous check, we can deliver the truck to our specialist mechanics for a complete check over.


The We Move Trucks team offers the most comprehensive array of services in the industry – and they are all services designed to assist your business to continue operating in the most efficient manner possible.

Our aim is to both make life easier for you, and save you money.

To find out more about how we can assist your business, give us a call on 0418 859 290 or email