Looking for Work?

What does it take to be a We Move Trucks driver?

More than just a truck license…

Do you have:

·         A truck License – HR or above?

·         Real experience driving trucks?

·         A clean license?

·         A passion for driving different trucks?

·         A willingness to offer our customers great service?

·         Clean and tidy appearance?

·         Is your vehicle clean and tidy?

·         Is your vehicle your pride and joy?


If you have answered YES to all of these, then email your resume or work history to Orders@wemovetrucks.com.au

If you look like you have what it takes to be a We Move Trucks driver, then we will be in touch to arrange a meeting to chat about your future, our future, and how the two might combine.

We don’t take just anybody. To be a part of the We Move Trucks team you need to be able to fit our culture, and be prepared to deliver super service each and every time you deal with our customers.

No Cowboys…No Crooks.